Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Japanese scientists created tonometer ICMe, you wear on your finger and working together with your smartphone

According to the source , the Nihon University specialists developed a miniature blood pressure monitor, devoid of the usual cuff . The device can be used in conjunction with a smartphone .

Details of the development is not yet disclosed, but it is known that the measurement is based on the analysis of the reflected light signal . To measure the pressure finger is inserted into a small device with a LED and phototransistor signal processing circuits inside.

Connecting to a smartphone carried out via Bluetooth 4.0. The measurement results are displayed on the screen of a smartphone app for OS Android. The program shows the average and instantaneous values of systolic and diastolic blood pressure , heart rate and pulse wave form .

The developers expect to start manufacturing and sale of sensors in the first half of 2014. One of the first device could see visitors Medica 2013 held in Düsseldorf from 20 to 23 November .

Source : Tech-On!