Thursday, December 12, 2013

In devices Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 to reduce the cost to be used LCD screens

According to the source , Samsung is considering the use in mobile devices and Galaxy S5 Galaxy Note 4 LCD screens , screens and not AMOLED. This measure will help reduce the cost of flagship devices and increase their competitiveness in relation to the more affordable smartphones.
AMOLED screens are significantly more expensive LCD screens

Samsung has started to use AMOLED screens in the upper segment of smartphones a few years ago . They are used in Galaxy Note 3 (shown here ) and Samsung Galaxy S4.

AMOLED screens on the side not only richer colors , enhanced viewing angles and reduced thickness . OLED technology allows the use of flexible substrates by making shatterproof curved and flexible screens . According to the Samsung, in 2018 , these screens will be 40 % of cell phones. However, while AMOLED screens are much more expensive LCD . In the case of five-inch screens difference is about 25%. Given that the screen is the most expensive component of the mobile device , it is understandable that it is possible to save the most.

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