Friday, January 13, 2012

CES 2012: convertible Toshiba Tablet Portege M930

Toshiba has brought to the exhibition CES 2012 model tablet Portege M930, transformed into the laptop. It can be compared with a year ago provided a model of ASUS Slate 121, running Windows 7, or Samsung Series 7, is used by Microsoft to showcase Windows 8. We made a very original tablet mechanism of transformation: the back foot thick, like a regular stop. The upper part of the screen is lifted and inserted into a groove on the body, opening the keyboard. 

CES 2012: Tablet-convertible Toshiba Portege M930

The basis of the tablet is the processor Intel Core i5 (Sandy Bridge), which is available in 4 GB of RAM and 256 GB of permanent storage. The tablet has a 13.3-inch screen size and resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Attention is drawn to the large mass and thickness of the model as compared to standing next ultrabukami: 1.89 kg (mean weight ultrabukov - 1.35 kg). Given the large size and weight of M930, a long time to keep it in your hands (as well as other such plates) will be difficult. However, in case of need, you can work standing up. 

CES 2012: Tablet-convertible Toshiba Portege M930

Also noteworthy absence of the keyboard pointing device (for this, apparently, it is proposed to use the screen), despite the fact that the Toshiba brand is positioning unit. Know whether the tablet support technology Wacom, failed. 

CES 2012: Tablet-convertible Toshiba Portege M930

Apparently, the tablet is aimed at users who often need high performance and versatility, but sometimes you want the functionality of the tablet. His undoubted advantage is the built-in keyboard, but paying for it was a large thickness and weight.
Price tablet is still unknown.

CES 2012: ViewSonic introduced the tablet ViewPad e70 running Android 4.0 for $ 170

ViewSonic is said at the CES 2012 is not only the Wintel-tablet ViewPad 10pi, but budgetary device viewsonic viewpad e70, running OS Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Novelty should go on sale late in the first quarter of this year, as recommended by the manufacturer price - only $ 170.

ViewSonic ViewPad e70

In the configuration of the device includes a capacitive touch screen 7-inch 800 x 480 pixels and a single core processor at 1 GHz - involves the use of low price is not the most expensive components. Built-in flash memory is low, 4 GB, but has a slot for memory cards microSD, compatible with native capacity of up to 32 GB. In addition, the new product is equipped with a front camera for video telephony adapter, Wi-Fi, Port Micro HDMI.

The software component ViewPad e70 completed application to access the app store Amazon Appstore, but access to the Android Market does not.
Viewsonic viewpad product dimensions and parameters of the autonomy of the ViewSonic is not reported.

Source: ViewSonic

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CES 2012: ViewSonic TD2220 monitor supports "multitouch," and TDi2340 has Wi-Fi

As part of CES 2012, ViewSonic introduced not only new Tablet PC, but also announced two monitors - TD2220 and TDi2340. The first device is notable for technology to support "multi" and the second this adds more support and Wi-Fi.
ViewSonic TD2220 is equipped with an LCD panel size 22-inch 1920 x 1080 pixels, equipped with a LED backlight. Declared level of brightness - 250 cd / m², response time - 5 ms. The unit recognizes up to two simultaneous touches, which is enough to talk about the support of technology "multitouch." As for the interface capabilities of the product, there are video port D-Sub and DVI, as well as two-port USB. 

ViewSonic TD2220

The second novelty, ViewSonic TDi2340, much more interesting: it is based on panel-type e-IPS and provides recognition for 10 touches. Diagonal screen size of the monitor - 23 inch, Resolution - 1920 x 1080 pixels. Lighting, as well as in the case of TD2220, LED. 

ViewSonic TDi2340

The equipment includes ViewSonic TDi2340 ARM processor and wireless communication module Wi-Fi. In fact, within the news from a computer whose main objective is to expand the visual space of mobile devices - smartphones and tablets. Being paired with a monitor on the Wi-Fi, the past can translate to the big screen, for example, images and video clips.
Unfortunately, ViewSonic does not reveal all the details about new products, as well as not advertise the price and timing of the start of their sales.
Source: ViewSonic