Saturday, December 8, 2012

Silicon Labs Si7005 integrates on-chip sensors for relative humidity and temperature

The company introduced the chip Silicon Laboratories Si7005, which combines the functions of sensors for relative humidity and air temperature.

Sensors Si7005 are available now in production quantities

For relative humidity is used polymer dielectric film with a high dielectric constant, formed on the crystal, and mixed signal processing circuit, manufactured by process technology CMOS. Si7005 sensor is well suited for application monitoring and control humidity and temperature, including the automotive air-conditioning, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, refrigerators, weather stations, food processing equipment, printers and medical devices.

Traditionally, to measure humidity, a combination of discrete resistive and capacitive sensors with a hybrid and multi-chip modules. The disadvantages of this approach are the large number of components, high cost, large footprint on the PCB, the difficulties associated with the assembly and the need for user calibration. Configuration Si7005 includes directly sensors, ADCs, signal processing circuit, non-volatile memory for calibration data and I2C interface on a monolithic chip CMOS. Therefore Si7005 is compact, highly reliable, easy to use. The scheme included Si7005 includes only two external capacitors. Sensors are calibrated during manufacturing. This eliminates device manufacturers from the cost and provides full interoperability copies. The manufacturer also notes the low power Si7005 - 2 uA, which makes the sensor well suited for battery-powered devices.

Sensors Si7005 are available now in production quantities. They are available in a QFN type size of 4 x 4 mm. Wholesale price - $ 3.64 per share. Inspection fees of different form factors range from $ 29 to $ 49. Developer Kit Si7005EVB-UDP-F960, which also includes a microcontroller C8051F960, worth $ 149. Drivers available for Linux and Android.

Source: Silicon Laboratories