Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cambrios and LG Electronics launched the world's first 23-inch touch panel with material ClearOhm

The company Cambrios Technologies, specializing in the use of nanotechnology in the production of flexible and transparent conductors, and the company is represented by LG Electronics division CEM (Chemical & Electronic Material) have announced the world's first 23-inch touch panel, which uses material ClearOhm. These panels are manufactured by LG, are used in the one-piece PC LG V325, certified compatibility with Windows 8, and touch monitors LG, sales of which started in October.

The display 10 is used LG Touch panel type IPS

LG uses material Cambrios ClearOhm production in liquid form for the formation of the film, which is part of a capacitive type sensor. According to the developer, this material is well suited for large panels, such as those used in the one-piece PC, as well as tablets, laptops and ultrabooks. Through the use of the film instead of the traditional glass ClearOhm, LG managed to make the touchpad lighter, thinner, stronger and cheaper. The advantages ClearOhm material also includes high transparency. In LG confident that the partnership with Cambrios will strengthen the company's position as a supplier of touch panels are large.

Source: Cambrios