Monday, October 29, 2012

Sky is equipped with an electronic pen interface Wi-Fi and supports cloud service Evernote

Name of Livescribe familiar to our regular readers for news about interesting devices for which is best known as "electronic pen". This week the company started with the announcement of Livescribe model Sky, equipped with Wi-Fi interface and supports cloud services. All that the user writes with Sky, automatically into the account service Evernote (of course, you must be connected to the Internet through an access point 802.11b/g/n). It notes can be stored, reproduced, sort and share them with other users. The handle is not just for writing, but also for working with tablets, smartphones and computers. In addition, it serves as a voice recorder.

Sky is working with free and paid accounts Evernote Evernote Premium. The handle adds to the allowed monthly volume of data downloaded 500MB.
In addition, the company announced the release of Livescribe Developer tools Livescribe Mobile SDK (0.9). It will allow developers to integrate support Sky in applications for smartphones and tablets. Version of the Mobile SDK for iOS is due in the first quarter of next year, a version of Android - in the second quarter.

Sales will have started at a price of $ 170 for the version with 2 GB of memory. Model with 4 GB costs $ 200, with 8 GB of memory and an annual subscription to Evernote Premium - $ 250.
Source: Livescribe