Sunday, October 28, 2012

American doctors using computer games teach children to manage anger

Children who have problems with anger, can help computer games, more precisely, one simple game. This was the experience of researchers at Boston's Children's Hospital.American doctors using computer games teach children to manage anger
The essence of the experiments is simple: because the children usually show much more interest in video games than in psychotherapy, the researchers asked them to play. Game called RAGE Control («Anger Management") is designed to motivate children to control their emotions. It is assumed that children will later apply acquired skills in a difficult situation.

The player must shoot the enemy spaceships, trying not to hit friendly ships. During the game sensor, fastened to a child's fingers, heart rate monitors and displays the value on the screen. Once the heart rate exceeds a certain level, the player temporarily loses the ability to shoot until you calm down. In other words, to achieve high performance, we have to keep cool.American doctors using computer games teach children to manage anger
Uncontrolled anger occurs in people with a weakened relationship between the executive and the emotional centers of the brain. According to the researchers, the experiment showed that the game RAGE Control helps to learn to use these centers are more consistent.

In the experiment, five days was attended by two groups of subjects between the ages of 9 to 17 years who have no contraindications. One group only regular program psychiatric help, and additional members of the second group played at least 15 minutes every day in RAGE Control. After five sessions, members of the second group showed a significantly better self-management skills.
The researchers intend to continue to work, in particular, will see whether you can increase the effect of the game, if you use it at home with their peers and parents.
Source: Children's Hospital Boston