Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dell introduced Vostro laptops 3360, 3460 and 3560 based on Intel

Dell has announced the completion of the range laptops Vostro line of three models - 3360, 3460 and 3560. All three new products are built on Intel: The basic version are equipped with Intel Core series of second-generation i3, and the extra charge available CPU Core i5 and i7 family of Ivy Bridge. 

Dell Vostro 3560
The second digit in the designation indicates the laptop screen diagonal: Vostro 3360 comes with a screen diagonal of 13.3 inches, Vostro 3460 - 14-inch display, and the Vostro 3560 - LCD panel size of 15.6 inches. In all cases, the display resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels, and only for the older model is proposed for a surcharge screen resolution of Full HD. For her part exchange available for 3D-card AMD Radeon HD 7670M, while for Vostro 3460 - NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M, but the basic version only laptops have integrated into the CPU GPU. 

Dell Vostro 3560
Standard memory capacity of each of the models - 4 GB (max RAM - 8 GB) with respect to the volume of HDD, in the case of most low-end model - 500 GB, in the case of Vostro 3460 and 3560 - 750 GB. For all Trinity optionally available with 32 GB SSD connector mSATA. In the configuration of each laptop includes an optical drive, web-camera and two microphones, adapters, Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 + HS. For the Vostro 3360 and 3460 is also available as wireless module EV-DO/HSPA. The list of characteristics of laptop - video output HDMI and D-Sub, as well as two (Vostro 3360) or three (Vostro 3460 and 3560) port USB 3.0. 

Dell Vostro 3360
Dell Vostro 3560 is now available for order on the official Dell website for $ 600. Vostro 3360 and Vostro 3460 will go on sale June 21 at $ 650 and $ 600 respectively.
Source: Dell