Saturday, March 3, 2012

Microsoft lowered the requirements for "iron" for Windows Phone

During the event, MWC 2012, which ended this week, there was an event of greater significance than it might seem at first glance. Nokia has introduced the youngest model line of smartphones running Windows Phone.
Lumia device 610 differs from its predecessors, easier configuration, which enabled him to establish a fully democratic price - 189 euros.

Nokia Lumia 610

At the disposal of operating at 800 MHz single-core Qualcomm, which became the basis Lumia 610, is only 256 MB of RAM. Flash memory is 8 GB. Work on the Windows Phone this perilous by today's standards the hardware platform is made possible by the fact that the developer has reduced the operating requirements of the "iron." Now, the minimum configuration includes single-chip system Qualcomm 7x27A and 256 MB of RAM. More specifically, the operating system Windows Phone, according to Microsoft, could always run on 256 MB of RAM, but now this feature is "legalized" and the creation of the priolzheny available to developers.
The emulator included in the new version of Windows Phone SDK (7.1.1), will allow developers to test the installation and application performance in configurations from 256 MB of RAM. Microsoft has said that the separation of applications possible, and the inability to work for the base configuration will be minimal. Furthermore, applications that are "bad work" on a 256 MB of RAM, will receive applications in the store a special overlay Marketplace.
Incidentally, with regard to the catalog of the Marketplace, it was available in 23 countries, including China, the Baltic countries and Ukraine. According to Microsoft, this led to the expansion of the market by 60%.
Sources: Microsoft