Friday, March 9, 2012

Apple cut the price of the iPad 2 for $ 100

As expected, at the end of the official launch of the new generation of Tablet PC iPad Apple's vice president Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller) has announced the reduction of the cost of the iPad 2 for $ 100 from now to buy a U.S. product, staffed with 16 GB of flash memory module and Wi-Fi, will be for $ 399. 3G-enabled version will cost $ 529. For Apple to sell the device of two generations - used on the iPhone practice. It is assumed that this will make the iPad is not only more accessible to ordinary users, but also for educational institutions and, in particular schools. 

iPad 2 fell
In Europe, the cost of the iPad 2 naturally higher than in the United States. More precisely, the same price tag, but is not calculated in U.S. dollars, and in the single European currency. For example, in Germany, the base model with 16 GB of memory and Wi-Fi support is estimated at 399, an adapter for the 3G will have to pay 120 euros.
Another major advantage for Apple to reduce the cost of the iPad 2 - increased competition in the segment. Apparently, HTC, Samsung, RIM and other eminent manufacturers of Tablet PCs will have to take into account the new pricing, otherwise they risk being out of work.
Source: Apple