Sunday, December 11, 2011

Android 4.0 ported to the tablet HP TouchPad

Developers are trying to port the latest version of Android in tablet Hewlett Packard TouchPad, seems to have succeeded. One of the members of the group dealing with porting, published a snapshot of the tablet running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Android 4.0 ported to the tablet HP TouchPad

After HP announced the dismissal of the tablet TouchPad, the remnants of these devices have been sold for $ 99 apiece. As a result, a significant number of tablets was in the hands of enthusiasts who expect to make a TouchPad device running Android.
Alpha version of a modified version of CyanogenMod already managed to install the device, but they were unstable and did not support some features - above all, it regards the audio subsystem and Wi-Fi. Although the work is far from complete, the project participants are optimistic. First, they plan to add support for Wi-Fi and Android Market.
Interest in the TouchPad, will certainly stimulate the decision to transfer the HP operating system webOS developer community of open source software. With access to the source webOS, developers will have more information for porting Android.
As for the webOS, for all its virtues, this operating system could take in only 2% of U.S. smartphone market.
When it will be open source webOS, is still unknown, but the HP has already sparked a wave of approval and interest from the community of developers of open source software.
Source: EE Times

Fujitsu Tablet PC Stylistic Q550 equips Intel Atom Z690 processor and a 128GB SSD

Fujitsu's slightly upgraded hardware stuffing Windows-tablet Stylistic Q550, running on Windows. New, officially debuted earlier this year, can now be equipped with high-capacity SSD and CPU with great speed.The updated Windows-tablet Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 was CPU Intel Atom Z690 and a 128GB SSD

If you previously completed with Stylistic Q550 processor Intel Atom Z670 (1,5 GHz), now in his possession Intel Atom Z690. Atom Z690, as the Z670, a single core, but its higher clock speed - 1.7GHz. Same thing with a solid state drive: if you have previously been available for the tablet SSD of 30 GB or 62, now reaches the maximum amount of 128 GB SSD.
The rest of Stylistic Q550 has not changed: the device was still equipped with 2 GB of RAM, WLAN Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, HDMI port and touch screen-based IPS panel, 10.1-inch diagonal 1280 x 800 pixels.
On the Polish website of Japanese companies base case Stylistic Q550 with an Intel Atom Z690 is estimated at $ 825. During the installation of a 128GB SSD will be asked to pay the consumer about $ 340.
Source: Fujitsu