Saturday, November 26, 2011

According to Intel, MIC greater than the GPU in parallel computing

Graphics processors, demand for games and 3D- graphics and useful in supercomputers, allowing you to speed up the execution of parallel computations.

According to the head NVIDIA, voiced at a recent conference Supercomputing 2011, GPU technology is an important part on the way to the exam calculations.

At Intel, do not agree with this view. This manufacturer is promoting its own parallel architecture - Many Integrated Cores (MIC). According to Intel, MIC is more convenient for programming and more scalable.

Instead of specialized nuclei, as in graphics processors, used in conventional MIC x86-compatible kernel and architecture itself is specifically designed for parallel computing for general use. The following video reveals the advantages of the approach Intel James Reinders (James Reinders), Intel specialist software for supercomputers.

As we reported, processors, Intel MIC will become part of a supercomputer Stampede. Products, now known under the code name Knights Corner, will be released on 22- nanometer technology and have more than 50 cores.

Source: EE Times

Flash Rods crosses the external hard drive and a scale model of car Mercedes SLS

Bright new expanded range of Flash Rods. This is - external hard drive enclosure, made ​​in the form of scale models of the original car Mercedes SLS.

Storage capacity is 500 GB. Its presence in the model gives a plug USB, handed down on the back of the lid.

Scale Models - 1:18. Available in black, red and silver color options. Product price is $ 250.

It is a pity that, unlike his prototype "car on the hard drive " can not boast of the speed - it is limited by the interface USB 2.0.

Source: Flash Rods