Thursday, November 10, 2011

Overview of the smartphone Samsung i9103 Galaxy R. top class

Literally, in October it became known that Samsung managed to sell a total of 30 million smartphones series Galaxy. And 10 million accounted for Galaxy S II. This is despite the fact that the model went on sale just this spring. As in any industry hit can not remain without continuing, and with the Galaxy S II in the bowels of Samsung decided to reinforcing the high demand of the new model. However, the flagship of the company already had, so instead of " sequel " the company has developed a " prequel " that is a simplified version of the top product.

The calculation of the company is simple - if so expensive development in high success, it is cheaper (but slightly simplified) version to gain an even greater demand. Therefore, to reduce the cost of Samsung chose the simplified body materials, has replaced the camera with 8 megapixel to a 5-megapixel, has reduced the amount of memory for up to 8 GB of data and hardware used NVIDIA Tegra platform 2. We also have to figure out whether the compromise adopted by the final cost of the machine.

 Execution Galaxy R is with mixed feelings. The device is clearly designed for wanting to save a little on the acquisition of Galaxy S II. Therefore, if we evaluate both devices on the front side, then mix them up easy. The only visually noticeable difference is the larger the physical button at the bottom of the screen at the Galaxy R.

Dimensions of novelty inferior " original" on all fronts, including an increase of 15 grams of weight and increased by 1.6 millimeters thick. Length and width vary tenths, so even if you make smart phones to each other to notice this difference is problematic.

In his hand Galaxy R significantly different from the S II, by weight, but at the same time does not pass the threshold at which the mobile phone could be called heavy. Like its predecessor, Galaxy is no pressure on the brush and fits in your pocket, providing a level of comfort everyday use, comparable with any other expensive smartphone on Android.

As for the design, then it divides customers into two camps with diametrically opposed views. If the front part of the apparatus remained intact, his back has undergone radical changes. Instead of rubber - cap patches in Galaxy R uses a solid cover. In place of a thin paste S II model has inserted a thin metal plate. This decision is welcome from an aesthetic point of view.

If S II looks stylish, technologically advanced and youth decision, the Galaxy R seems to be more serious smartphone that is appropriate for serious buyers or fans conservative appearance. From the standpoint of practicality insert sad - she knows how to attract and hold dirt on the surface, so you need a smartphone to carry in a case, or wipe it frequently. Also plate susceptible to damage, even the keys are able to leave a bad impression on her. The rest of edging back cover is made of plastic, which is close to the glossy. It also requires careful handling to prevent formation of abrasions.

It should be noted that the rear lower part of the lid is raised slightly so as not to give her a scratch when on a horizontal surface. The assembly is made qualitatively, backlash, and there are no scratches despite the construction of the back cover.