Sunday, May 29, 2011

Two slots for the SIM-card and front camera - and Motorola Droid X2 turns into Motorola XT882

The company announced the Motorola Mobility in the Chinese market smartphone XT882, control system which began on the touch screen. New on most of the parameters follows the model Droid X2, but there are a couple of significant differences.
Motorola XT882

Motorola XT882

The first and most important thing is that Motorola XT882 - dual-mode phone: it has two slots for SIM-cards, while one can use the network CDMA, while the other - GSM. Thus, Motorola XT882 world's first dual-mode smartphone running Android. Of the less serious differences of new items from Droid X2 - the presence of frontal camera for video telephony and the Android OS version 2.3 initially. In other Motorola XT882 as two peas similar to the Droid X2: The smartphone uses the same platform NVIDIA Tegra 2, the same 4.3-inch diagonal screen resolution of 540 x 960 pixels and a resolution main camera is still the same 8 megapixels. Motorola XT882

Motorola XT882 is designed for operator China Telecom. In the sale of the unit will go in June, the price of the device without contracts and grants will be $ 830.

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KINGMAX launches memory card microSDXC 64 GB

Company KINGMAX released a memory card format microSDXC 64 GB. According to the manufacturer, this is still the maximum amount for carriers of the specified format. The card is compatible with smartphones, digital cameras and other devices that comply with SDXC.
KINGMAX launches memory card microSDXC 64 GB

To obtain such a large amount in the card size 15 x 11 x 1 mm, experts KINGMAX used a nine- chip. Map was labeled Class 6, that is, has a speed record of not less than 6 MB / sec. The product complies with SD 3.0. With the adapter card can be used in conjunction with devices designed for card SDXC. This broadens the scope of the media.

The advantages of the new items KINGMAX include support for ECC and the mechanism of load distribution between the blocks of flash memory, which increases reliability and durability of the card. The manufacturer provides the new card lifetime warranty.