Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mac PC stylish Zalman DS1000 Stand is equipped with USB hub

Some time ago the range of Zalman added support for a monitor DS1000. Devices of this kind - an extremely rare guests in our news, which, coupled with an attractive appearance DS1000 provides a basis for the story about the new product, albeit with some delay.
Concise form of the product is made of anodized aluminum and its own weight 2.35 kg is designed for loads up to 20kg. Its dimensions are 570 x 69 x 270 mm. Rubber "taps" on the legs provide a sturdy base traction table or other grounds on which it resides.


Besides the basic functions - to be an inspiration for the monitor, which allows him to give a more comfortable position and to save space on your desktop (under stand easily hides keyboard and mouse), Zalman DS1000 performs other functions. In the stand is built Quad USB 2.0 hub and mount that allows you to neatly lay the wire.


Stand offered in silver and black colors. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price - $ 90.

Source: Zalman