Friday, May 27, 2011

Xi3 ChromiumPC - the first computer in the world is running Chrome

A series of ready-made devices running Google Chrome is gradually increasing: in the first half of May, took the announcement "hrombukov» Acer and Samsung, and now the company Xi3 reported that the Fourth of July, right in the U.S. Independence Day, will be released a modular computer Xi3 ChromiumPC - the world's first PC running the operating system Chrome.
Xi3 ChromiumPC officially debut July 4

Actually, one announcement the company and limited: no more information about the features Xi3 ChromiumPC not given. However, given that the novelty will be the only one version of a computer Xi3, presented last year to form a general idea of ​​its complexity is not.

Xi3 - ultra-compact modular PC dimensions 94 x 94 x 76.2 mm, consisting of three components:

* System module includes a central processor and memory;
* Main module I / O ports;
* Additional modules input / output ports.

It is assumed that a modular system can significantly ease the upgrade or replacement of system components. In addition, this approach allowed us to make your computer really compact.

At the moment Xi3 available for the two system modules. Both are equipped with 2 GB of RAM DDR2, but one of them uses a dual-core AMD Athlon 64 X2 3400e (1,8 GHz), while in the other - AMD Athlon 64 2000 (1 GHz).
Xi3 ChromiumPC, interface connectors

Interface modules complement each other. The first bears the following I / O ports: on the outside - two eSATA 2.5, six USB 2.0 and three nests with a diameter 3.5 mm audio speaker systems, with internal - another connector ports USB 2.0. The main element of the second module - graphics adapter with 128 MB of internal memory (DDR2-800 MHz). As a consequence, the rear panel of the unit displayed video output DVI and D-Sub, and the connector adapter Ethernet.

Released Xi3 ChromiumPC already known characteristics - also remains to wait for information on prices, which obviously will be closer to July 4.

Source: Xi3 Corporation