Thursday, May 26, 2011

Monitor Philips 273P3L feels when left alone

Monitor Philips 273P3L, as shown in the illustration refers to the professional segment. Model with 27-inch Full HD (16:9) is aimed at architects, designers and operators of computer-aided design. The device has an LED backlight, which provides stable and uniform brightness and high contrast screen. In addition, LED lighting has a long lifespan and consumes 40% less energy than the vacuum tube.

Monitor Philips 273P3L

Stand Super Ergo includes changing the angle of inclination, the height between 11 cm and a rotation by 90 °. The monitor has an HDMI input and the hub USB.

An interesting feature of the product is a technology Philips PowerSensor: screen brightness is automatically reduced as soon as the user moves away from him. Infrared sensor detects when the user returns to his workplace and sends a signal, which immediately returns the monitor to normal operation. According to the manufacturer, the technology PowerSensor helps cut energy costs by up to 80% while the monitor is turned on, but not used - for example, during meetings and lunch breaks.

In the Russian market monitor Philips 273P3L should appear on sale in early June at a price of 13500 rubles.