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AOC e2352Phz: available 3D display with polarized sunglasses

The fact that the vast majority of 3D displays based on matrices such as TN, does not prevent them to have a price tag that is comparable with displays on more qualitative matrices, but without support for 3D. Part of the producers decided to soften the difficulty of choosing between the buyers' stereoscopy and color, for example, AOC is preparing to release the monitor e2352Phz, which may go on sale in mid-summer at a price of 250 euros.
AOC e2352Phz

This 23-inch monitor has an LED backlight, resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. Response time is 5 ms, which should be sufficient for transient gaming applications. A set of video outputs is universal and includes the ports of D-Sub, DVI and HDMI.

Three-dimensional image is formed by using polarizing glasses. This scheme has its pros and cons when compared to the bolt counterparts, but technically it is easier to implement, and this can be explained by the relative availability monitor AOC e2352Phz. More interestingly, as a beginner will manifest itself in the traditional two-dimensional coordinate system...

Source: TechConnect Magazine

A new generation of thin notebooks ASUS UX Series: first details

At Computex 2011, which starts tomorrow, ASUS is going to present a range of new products worthy of a place which will take the updated series notebooks UX. Within a few hours before the premiere source became known first details about the new generation laptops ASUS UX.
ASUS UX-series

ASUS UX-series

New items were metal (aluminum ) casing, whose thickness varies from 3 mm at the thinnest part of up to 17 mm - in the colon. It is interesting that at such small dimensions, and more than a moderate weight (1,1 kg) in laptops using conventional and not ULV Intel Core processors of the second generation.
ASUS UX-series

ASUS UX-series

The list of equipment Notebook - touch pad glass-coated, reinforced hinges, SSD and interface port USB 3.0, Instant on from sleep mode. The price information yet, but says that the product will go on sale within three months after the announcement - in September this year.

Source: Tech in Style

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Two slots for the SIM-card and front camera - and Motorola Droid X2 turns into Motorola XT882

The company announced the Motorola Mobility in the Chinese market smartphone XT882, control system which began on the touch screen. New on most of the parameters follows the model Droid X2, but there are a couple of significant differences.
Motorola XT882

Motorola XT882

The first and most important thing is that Motorola XT882 - dual-mode phone: it has two slots for SIM-cards, while one can use the network CDMA, while the other - GSM. Thus, Motorola XT882 world's first dual-mode smartphone running Android. Of the less serious differences of new items from Droid X2 - the presence of frontal camera for video telephony and the Android OS version 2.3 initially. In other Motorola XT882 as two peas similar to the Droid X2: The smartphone uses the same platform NVIDIA Tegra 2, the same 4.3-inch diagonal screen resolution of 540 x 960 pixels and a resolution main camera is still the same 8 megapixels. Motorola XT882

Motorola XT882 is designed for operator China Telecom. In the sale of the unit will go in June, the price of the device without contracts and grants will be $ 830.

Sources: Wireless Federation, Xda.cn

KINGMAX launches memory card microSDXC 64 GB

Company KINGMAX released a memory card format microSDXC 64 GB. According to the manufacturer, this is still the maximum amount for carriers of the specified format. The card is compatible with smartphones, digital cameras and other devices that comply with SDXC.
KINGMAX launches memory card microSDXC 64 GB

To obtain such a large amount in the card size 15 x 11 x 1 mm, experts KINGMAX used a nine- chip. Map was labeled Class 6, that is, has a speed record of not less than 6 MB / sec. The product complies with SD 3.0. With the adapter card can be used in conjunction with devices designed for card SDXC. This broadens the scope of the media.

The advantages of the new items KINGMAX include support for ECC and the mechanism of load distribution between the blocks of flash memory, which increases reliability and durability of the card. The manufacturer provides the new card lifetime warranty.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Sony Notebooks VAIO F transferred to the rails Sandy Bridge

Sony has always tried to keep at the forefront of computer technology, so the translation Notebook VAIO F-series at Sandy Bridge processors does not cause surprise. Except that it happened a few late, after the announcement of second-generation CPU Intel Core took place early in the year, and already on the nose - June.
Sony translated the notebooks VAIO F-series of processors Intel Sandy Bridge

The new VAIO F equipped with three quad-core processors: Core i7-2630QM (2,0-2,9 GHz), i7-2720QM (2,2-3,3 GHz) and i7-2820QM (2,3-3,4 GHz) . The choice of discrete graphics cards is limited to two representatives of the series NVIDIA GeForce 500: GeForce GT 520M c 512 MB of RAM and GeForce GT 540M with 1 GB of memory. The maximum possible amount of RAM laptop - 8 GB. At the core of the storage subsystem innovations can be either HDD capacity up to 640 GB or SSD up to 512 GB.
Sony translated the notebooks VAIO F-series of processors Intel Sandy Bridge

In fitting each of the representatives of the updated series Sony VAIO F - Adapter Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, writer optical drive, DVD (for a surcharge proposed Blu-ray), HDMI and USB 3.0, integrated web- camera and a device for use with memory cards format SD. Diagonal screen size notebooks - 16.4 inches, resolution - 1920 x 1080 pixels. Those who have become so accustomed to 3D in TVs and monitors will be able to order a laptop version with stereoscopic display.
Serious equipping laptops could not affect their overall dimensions (398 x 271 x 34-45 mm) and weight (about 3.2 kg). The equipment of VAIO F-series includes a lithium-ion rechargeable battery with 5000 mAh battery, providing up to five hours of battery life.

Prices updated laptops VAIO F start at $ 1400.

Source: Sony

Xi3 ChromiumPC - the first computer in the world is running Chrome

A series of ready-made devices running Google Chrome is gradually increasing: in the first half of May, took the announcement "hrombukov» Acer and Samsung, and now the company Xi3 reported that the Fourth of July, right in the U.S. Independence Day, will be released a modular computer Xi3 ChromiumPC - the world's first PC running the operating system Chrome.
Xi3 ChromiumPC officially debut July 4

Actually, one announcement the company and limited: no more information about the features Xi3 ChromiumPC not given. However, given that the novelty will be the only one version of a computer Xi3, presented last year to form a general idea of ​​its complexity is not.

Xi3 - ultra-compact modular PC dimensions 94 x 94 x 76.2 mm, consisting of three components:

* System module includes a central processor and memory;
* Main module I / O ports;
* Additional modules input / output ports.

It is assumed that a modular system can significantly ease the upgrade or replacement of system components. In addition, this approach allowed us to make your computer really compact.

At the moment Xi3 available for the two system modules. Both are equipped with 2 GB of RAM DDR2, but one of them uses a dual-core AMD Athlon 64 X2 3400e (1,8 GHz), while in the other - AMD Athlon 64 2000 (1 GHz).
Xi3 ChromiumPC, interface connectors

Interface modules complement each other. The first bears the following I / O ports: on the outside - two eSATA 2.5, six USB 2.0 and three nests with a diameter 3.5 mm audio speaker systems, with internal - another connector ports USB 2.0. The main element of the second module - graphics adapter with 128 MB of internal memory (DDR2-800 MHz). As a consequence, the rear panel of the unit displayed video output DVI and D-Sub, and the connector adapter Ethernet.

Released Xi3 ChromiumPC already known characteristics - also remains to wait for information on prices, which obviously will be closer to July 4.

Source: Xi3 Corporation

Thursday, May 26, 2011

ASUS showed photofragments of coming Tablet

At Computex 2011, which begins its work next week, will definitely be hot: AMD is going to officially announce the chipsets for processors Llano and Zambezi, as Intel promises to bring about a dozen plates on the platform of Oak Trail, running OS Android. And this, of course, it does not stop, because there is a huge number of other companies, among them - and ASUS.

A week before Computex ASUS has published pictures tablet, whose debut will take place at the event. Based on the photos, we can say is that in product design will be generously used metal. Naturally, any product specifications ASUS did not bother to report yet.

At Computex 2011 will debut a new tablet ASUS

At Computex 2011 will debut a new tablet ASUS

At Computex 2011 will debut a new tablet ASUS

Perhaps, the new Taiwanese just refers to a cohort of new plates on the platform of Oak Trail running Android. However, as it turns out in fact - we learn during the Computex.

Barnes & Noble launches new e-book NOOK

Today, the company Barnes & Noble has introduced a new device for reading text electronic submission. New 35% lighter and 15% thinner than its predecessor.
Barnes & Noble launches new e-book NOOK

Product submitted under the name The Simple Touch Reader, equipped with a six-inch electrophoretic display production E Ink. The company estimates that this screen has a 50% higher contrast than the screen predecessor. Screen - the touch.
Barnes & Noble launches new e-book NOOK

Your device has an interface 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi, 2 GB of flash memory, microSD card slot and a port USB (plug Micro-USB). One battery charge (when turned off Wi-Fi) e-book weighing 212 g may be sufficient for two months.
Barnes & Noble launches new e-book NOOK

The book supports ePub and PDF, provides access to the store with more than 2 million books. The advantages can be distinguished collection management books, the choice of font and highlight text, bookmark and recommendations.

It is worth a new model NOOK $ 139. Has already started accepting pre-orders. Delivery company promises to begin June 10.

Monitor Philips 273P3L feels when left alone

Monitor Philips 273P3L, as shown in the illustration refers to the professional segment. Model with 27-inch Full HD (16:9) is aimed at architects, designers and operators of computer-aided design. The device has an LED backlight, which provides stable and uniform brightness and high contrast screen. In addition, LED lighting has a long lifespan and consumes 40% less energy than the vacuum tube.

Monitor Philips 273P3L

Stand Super Ergo includes changing the angle of inclination, the height between 11 cm and a rotation by 90 °. The monitor has an HDMI input and the hub USB.

An interesting feature of the product is a technology Philips PowerSensor: screen brightness is automatically reduced as soon as the user moves away from him. Infrared sensor detects when the user returns to his workplace and sends a signal, which immediately returns the monitor to normal operation. According to the manufacturer, the technology PowerSensor helps cut energy costs by up to 80% while the monitor is turned on, but not used - for example, during meetings and lunch breaks.

In the Russian market monitor Philips 273P3L should appear on sale in early June at a price of 13500 rubles.

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