Monday, February 15, 2010

eVouse - Conceptual mouse in the shape of the letter V

Although used in its design of a real company's logo, a computer mouse, as shown in the illustrations, there is still only in the imagination of the designer. However, if such a device were produced commercially, it is possible that it found its customers.

Conceptual design called eVouse represents another attempt to empower the familiar computer mouse for more functionality.

According to the author ideas manipulator in the form of a letter V can be used as a mouse or as a kind of pen.

This is the ability to track the mouse movement in space. Appropriate technology base is already there - just think of mice running without relying on any surface.

Another feature eVouse are touch buttons and scroll wheel.

To the user saw that the mouse reacts to his actions, in case the device (remember, while it exists only on paper) with a green LED.

Source: Yanko Design