Friday, August 27, 2010

LG says it will mass produce flexible 19 inch e-paper

LG Display has said that it is developing a new generation of colour and flexible e-paper. It hopes that these may go into future products such as e-readers or tablets.

According to an SEC filing the company expects to begin mass producing 9.7-inch colour and 19-inch flexible e-paper, which is the display used in e-readers on which text appears as it would on printed paper.

The company's 9.7-inch IPS LCD screen is already used in Apple's iPad, and LG also supplies the 9.7-inch e-paper display for the Amazon Kindle DX e-reader. It is thought its new creations could go into future generations of e-readers or tablets and the 19-inch could possibly used for e-readers the size of traditional newspapers.

Another avenue LG may be considering is how an interactive, larger sheet of e-paper could work with progressing advertising - think interactive posters.

Competition for e-paper is going to heat up. Each company realises it must do something interesting and innovate in a way others aren't, and excel while they're doing it. Earlier this year Samsung showed off colour e-paper, which it said was capable of displaying video (although it now seems the company has pulled out of the market) and Fujitsu also announced a colour panel this year.