Toshiba shows off new  laptops -

Japanese electronics company Toshiba today announced a slew of new laptops to compete for consumer's money. One of the new top models, the Satellite A665, is able to run 3D content thanks to the Nvidia shutter glasses and tech packed inside.

Discerning consumers can don the glasses and watch Avatar or play 3D games on a 15.6 inch, backlit Trubrite widescreen display. The laptop naturally features a rewriteable Blu-ray drive and is powered by an Intel Core i7-i740QM quadcore CPU. Apart from being bundled with Nvidia's shutter glasses, it also features a Geforce GTS 350M packed with 1GB DDR3 memory.

Memory is four gigabytes, it of course runs on Windows 7 booting from a 640GB HDD, has an eSata/ USB combo part and three regular USB 2.0 ports - sorry, no USB 3.0 on this one, yet. The compulsory memory card reader and express card slot is also on board, alongside a webcam, wireless card, ethernet socket and bluetooth. The A665 will set punters back $1,599.99 and higher, although the actual street price can be expected to be lower. No statement was made about battery life.

People who like it thin and slim could feel more at home with the Satellite T200 series. Toshiba's T200 series is available with either a 13.3 or 11.6 inch display and calculate using either AMD or Intel CPUs. Consumers can opt for either a single or dual core AMD Athlon II Neo, Turion II Neo equipped with ATI graphics, or a low voltage Intel dual core. The T215 has a backlit 11.6 inch screen, runs on an Athlon II Neo and a platter of up to 320 GB and 2 GB of DRAM. Its relative, the T235, either packs a Turion II Neo or an Intel dual-core, has a 320 GB HDD and comes with up to 4 GB of memory. Both notebooks feature a HDMI port and a webcam, and are RoHs compatible, making them oh-so green and environment-friendly. Prices start at $469,99.