Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Samsung Wave S8500 has same processor as iPad

ARM'd and dangerous

Samsung Wave S8500 has  same processor as iPad - ARM

Technology analyst group UBM TechInsights has today announced its discovery that the Samsung Wave S8500 will have have exactly the same ARM Core processor as the iPad.

The shared processor is the 1GHz ARM Cortex A8. This Core is based on the ARMv7 architecture and is aimed at power-optimised mobile devices that need to operate in less than 300mW.

"By investigating the Samsung S5PC110A01 application processor and comparing it to the A4 application processor found in the Apple iPad using our specialized lab techniques, we were able to confirm that not only is Samsung the manufacturer of both application processors, but both application processors feature the same 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 core manufactured using a 45-nanometer low-power fabrication process," said Young Choi, Senior Manager of the Technical Intelligence Group.

Clearly the success of the iPad has Samsung rushing to ride on its coat-tails. Not only is it enploying the Cortex A8 in its Wave S8500, but UBM TechInsights believes Samsung will also use it in the Android-based Galaxy S smartphone. If this is true then it may also be stuffing it into the recently announced Galaxy Tab, Samsung's direct rival to the iPad. That would mean that its smartphones are just as powerful as its tablets, however, which may not sit well with consumers looking for something portable, but with a bit more punch than a mobile.

UBM TechInsights found that Samsung maintained its dominant position in the application processor market in recession-ridden 2009 and that it will continue to assert its dominance in the years to come with current and new application processor models.

Source: Samsung Wave S8500 has same processor as iPad