No more XP on laptops -

Software giant Microsoft has started to lean on laptop makers so that they don't issue gear with Windows XP inside.

Apparently Redmond has been having a quiet word with different hardware makers and asking them ever so nicely to kill off XP by October.

Microsoft has sent out a reminder to OEMs that, as of October 22nd 2010, they won't be able to use XP Home and must instead look to Windows 7 Starter Edition.

The outfit has helpfully pointed out that sales stats indicate 81-percent of new netbooks in the US actually use Windows 7 rather than any other OS.

Redmond has said that it will support XP SP3 which is supported up until April 2014. Windows XP Service Pack 2 shall end on July 13, 2010.

However it is fairly clear that it is doing its level best to make sure that few people will be running the OS by that date.

TechEye has pointed out how Redmond is doing everything it can to shift people off XP. This includes refusing to write a new version of Internet Exploder that will run on XP.

OEMs are not happy at all of this. Windows 7 is a bit more expensive and may increase the cost of the final product which is a knee to the bottom line. They are a bit worried that tablets will eat into notebook revenues.