Thursday, June 10, 2010

LG wants to release 20 Android phones by end of year

Nam Yong must not be wrong - LG needs to sort out weak profits

LG wants to release 20  Android phones by end of year - LG

LG is planning to make 20 new smartphones toting the Android OS by the end of the year, according to the Korea Times.

LG has been performing weakly recently, particularly with its 3D TVs, but CEO Nam Yong hopes to turn things around with this latest plan to flood the smartphone market.

The company has been a loyal advocate of the Windows Phone operating system and plans to ship a number of new phones with the Windows Phone 7 version when it launches later this year. 

However, its focus is clearly now on Android devices. It previously said that it hoped to have half of its models running the Google operating system by the end of the year, and this new push of 20 models will certainly go a long way towards achieving that goal.

Analysts believe that the mobile market is where LG is performing best and that focusing on this should increase its revenue significantly. LG said it needs some more time to turn around its weak financial position and expects poor results for the second quarter of this year while it changes its focus.

20 models is quite a lot to release within a six month period and may create a situation where LG is competing with itself by spreading itself too thinly. Clearly it sees the recent growth in Android's market share as a potential money-maker, but with so many models to choose from consumers may end up not making any choice at all.

Source: LG wants to release 20 Android phones by end of year