Friday, June 4, 2010

iPad saves lives and finger strain

The iPad is not just a tablet PC. It's a humanitarian, a saver of lives, as vital to doctors and surgeons as those gross latex gloves and scalpels. Your iPhone may be able to stop criminals, but the iPad can save lives.

Japanese surgeons working at the hospital run by Kobe Univeristy used an iPad as the display for a surgery. Clearly Apple fanboys are not prevented from getting a medical degree, and while Japan is well known for the weird and wonderful, flaunting your iPad while cutting someone up has to rank high on the list.

iPad saves lives and  finger strain - Apple

The device is covered by some plastic film. Some may think this is to protect the person going under the knife, but it's more likely that the doctors wanted to keep their Precious sparkly clean. 

We have attached a video of the docs in action and it looks like they spend more time prodding and pressing the touchscreen on the iPad than they do fixing the poor soul who had the misfortune to visit the hospital on Bring Your iPad To Work Day.

All we can say is: what a combination of fruits and nuts.

If you're a doctor that flys a lot then you might be interested in getting your hands on an iPad during a flight from low-cost Australian airline Jetstar. The cheapskates who wouldn't buy some TV screens for its customers are offering the iPad to rent for 10 Australian dollars, which works out at about 50p.

Jetstar will be providing 30 iPads on each plane, clearly anticipating a Japanese doctors' conference, and is loading them up with all forms of media, including books, movies, and music. Jetstar hasn't confirmed if they'll be putting surgery software on them yet, but we expect it's only a matter of time.

So if you're a doctor and your plane crashes on a strange island with polar bears and others, at least you'll have an iPad to perform surgery on the victims of the crash.

A final strange and spectacular use for the iPad is to turn off your other Apple devices. One fruity fanboy found that placing his iPad on top of his Macbook Pro caused the latter to turn off. It could have been a case of the Macbook getting jealous of its little brother's popularity and switching off in a huff, but clearly it's just another feature of the amazing iPad. It can save lives and save you from having to push the power off button on other devices, resulting in much less finger strain. Brilliant.

Source: iPad saves lives and finger strain