Monday, June 7, 2010

Intel far from confident about phone market

Intel far from  confident about phone market -

Sources close to Intel at Computex last week spoke frankly about the chances it had about making design wins for its low power designs aimed at the smartphone and little gizmo market.

The source told TechEye - on conditions of anonymity - that Intel had a steep hill to climb to persuade phone makers to adopt its technology.

She was responding to remarks made by ARM president Tudor Brown, the previous day.

While she believed that Intel had the technology to compete with ARM and other designs, she said that the company needed to create an "ecosystem" that would appeal to the manufacturers.

ARM claimed it had nine out of 10 of chips based on its technology in smartphones and the like and that if you counted its customers, it was a bigger company worldwide than Intel.

The remark by the Intel person underlines the fear and loathing of ARM inside the chip manufacturer. But the official line is that its chips will take over the smartphone world.

Source: Intel far from confident about phone market