Monday, June 7, 2010

Apple launches the iPhone 4

Apple launches the iPhone 4

It's better than 3, obviously

Apple launches the  iPhone 4 -

Cupertino company Apple duly went ahead and introduced its iPhone 4 today, with CEO Steve Jobs hailing it as a breakthrough.

It's a thinner phone than previous phones and its battery is better, said Apple.

But there was a bit of a nightmare because one of Jobs' demoes failed. He said there was a bit of a problem but managed to fix the dilithium crystals and carry on with his presentation.

People who have bought previous models of the iPhone are probably feeling a little miffed, although carefully calculated leaks have told the world and its dog most of what they need to know about the iPhone 4.

Jobs praised his own company for producing such revolutionary devices and so that's OK then. Part of the iPhone's success has been Apple's App Store, emulated by many other vendors eager to catch Steve's coat tails.

He's also very pleased with himself about the iFad - Apple has sold a couple of million of those things since it was launched.

The Next Box didn't sell that well, but Jobs has shown himself to be a real survivor, and has to be given fair credit for that.

Earlier today Apple was sued for allegedly breaching patents on its microprocessors by Microunity.

Source: Apple launches the iPhone 4