Monday, February 22, 2010

At MWC 2010 was shown USB-modem with support for CDMA and WiMax

At the event, Mobile World Congress 2010 the company C-motech demonstrated dual-mode modem with USB-connected U-301. The device supports 3G CDMA technology and 4G WiMax 2.0.

Compared with the previous model U-300 Powered by the more advanced element base. It allowed to make the modem is easier and improve the quality of the connection. Work in CDMA provides processor Qualcomm QSC6085, support for WiMax is vested in Beceem BCSM250. Both devices are manufactured according to the norms of 65 nm.

The modem is able to develop a speed of up to 10 Mbps in the downlink direction and 4 Mbit / s - in the outgoing, working in a network WiMax. For CDMA limits are 3,1 and 1,8 Mbit / s, respectively.

Device is compatible with OS Windows 7, Vista and XP.