Monday, January 18, 2010

How to mute firefox browser flash sound

I saw Flash Mute software and used it. It is an old software and after you install it stays in the start menu. I do not like extra load on my system startup and a bit annoying too that is why i stopped using this software.

I searched for an alternative which will be light. And i found a method which is actually for advanced level user. But i like this process and it is working great for me.

The whole procedure is as follows:
1. At first just go to the firefox installed directory, by default it is in "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox".

2. Be sure to close any opened firefox browser window.

3. Then create a notepad file and rename it as "msacm32.dll". That's it test your firefox now.

4. If you want to enable sound again then just rename that file.