Monday, January 25, 2010

In Europe, began selling the first laptop ASUS Eee PC on AMD platform

Second-generation platform for ultra-thin notebook, developed by AMD, was the basis for a mobile PC ASUS Eee PC 1201T.

Specified computer became the first model in a large family of Eee PC, built on a platform of AMD. This month the start of its sales in the European market.

Notebook is equipped with a full-size keyboard and display size of 12.1-inch 1366 x 768 pixels with LED backlighting. In the configuration enters the processor Neo MV-40, running at a clock frequency of 1.6 GHz, integrated graphics processor series Radeon HD 3200, 2 GB of RAM and hard disk 250 GB.

Other features Eee PC 1201T include adapters for Gigabit Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Dvuhkilogrammovy shestiyacheechnoy computer equipped with a battery that provides up to four hours of his freedom from the sockets. For a laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium to the buyer must pay 399 euros.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Camcorder Samsung HZ35W and HZ30W belong to the category "superzoom"

In a series of cameras Samsung WB happened replenishment. The range of lens focal length Schneider KREUZNACH, used in new models, WB650 and WB600, as the lens of their predecessor models WB550 and WB500, begins with a mark 24 mm (in 35-millimeter equivalent). But if the old camera was a tenfold range of variation, then the new - he was fifteen. Of course, this is less than the camera Samsung WB5000, but too much.

It is noteworthy that the thickness of the chamber with fifteen "zoom" is only 28 mm. The lens has an optical image stabilizer.

The older of the two models equipped with AMOLED-display size of three inches and a built-in receiver GPS. In WB600 three-inch screen too, but made for a more familiar liquid-crystal technology.

Along with photography, camera WB650 and WB600 to HD-capable video footage in 720p at 30 frames per second. Video clips saved in H.264. There are connecting to an external monitor to interface HDMI. Camera resolution is 12.2 Mn. Dimensions novelties describes formula 106,6 x 60,5 x 28 mm.

Source: Samsung

In the spring, Fujitsu plans to release minibook weighing 495 g

Issue miniature mobile computer weighing 495 g has announced well-known Japanese manufacturer. The models shown in the photographs, will be included in a series LOOX U. They have every right to be called handheld PCs, since the area of housing in the folded state is only 204 x 106,5 mm. This is substantially less than the size and weight minibook Sony VAIO P.

Works LOOX U running Windows. The peculiarities of the little ones is the existence of touch screens and support high-speed wireless technology WiMAX, providing full access to Internet resources.

Planned Issue computers LOOX U in three color choices. Data on the configuration and price new products yet.


Monday, January 18, 2010

How to mute firefox browser flash sound

I saw Flash Mute software and used it. It is an old software and after you install it stays in the start menu. I do not like extra load on my system startup and a bit annoying too that is why i stopped using this software.

I searched for an alternative which will be light. And i found a method which is actually for advanced level user. But i like this process and it is working great for me.

The whole procedure is as follows:
1. At first just go to the firefox installed directory, by default it is in "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox".

2. Be sure to close any opened firefox browser window.

3. Then create a notepad file and rename it as "msacm32.dll". That's it test your firefox now.

4. If you want to enable sound again then just rename that file.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Motherboard ASUS Rampage III Extreme focus on the most demanding PC enthusiasts

ASUS has revealed at the recent CES, the system board Rampage III Extreme, targeted at the most inveterate computer enthusiasts. A person, delighting demanding computer games and experiments to increase productivity, find new to all of the necessary funds.

The basis for the Boards served chipset Intel X58 + ICH10R. The board is located socket for Intel LGA 1366, for example, Core i7, including a six-core model Gulftown (by the way, they and other system board ASUS chipset X58).

Availability 32 lines PCI-Express 2.0 allows the use of slots PCI-Express x16 configurations of x16 + x16, x16 + x8 + x8, or x8 + x8 + x8 + x8.

Power supply is made on the eight-circuit, the PWM frequency in the range 250-1000 kHz. The list of merit pay should be credited to the presence of ports USB 3.0 and SATA 6 Gbit / sec.

According to some estimates, the price of the motherboard will be $ 400. However, it is cheap against the price six-core processor Intel Core i7 980X.

Its official premiere is scheduled to coincide with the release Gulftown, scheduled for March.


Monday, January 11, 2010

At CES represented processors Intel Core Season 2010: model, frequency, price

Biggest Consumer Electronics Show, Intel took advantage of in order to provide "a new family of Intel Core processors 2010. The list of new products includes products for desktop, mobile and embedded systems. At the same time was presented more than 25 processors, wireless adapters and chipsets. Release of new processors Intel Core i7, i5 and i3 coincides with the transition to 32-nanometer process technology.

The special features of the new processors Core i7 and Core i5 company is technology support Intel Turbo Boost. Models of Intel Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3 technology to support Intel Hyper-Threading. Chipsets "5-series was the first single hull, such as Intel in this category. In addition, first appeared in Intel integrated graphics core.

List of new mobile processors with two cores, capable of performing four threads, looks like this:

* Core i7-620M, 2,66 GHz (Turbo - up to 3,33 GHz), frequency of GPU 500-766 MHz, $ 332;
* Core i5-540M, 2,53 GHz (up to 3,06 GHz), 500-766 MHz, $ 257;
* Core i5-520M, 2,40 GHz (up to 2,93 GHz), 500-766 MHz, $ 225;
* Core i5-430M, 2,26 GHz (up to 2,53 GHz), 500-766 MHz, no data;
* Core i5-350M, 2,26 GHz (Turbo Boost is not supported), 500-766 MHz, no data;
* Core i5-330M, 2,13 GHz (Turbo Boost is not supported), 500-766 MHz, no data;
* Core i7-640LM, 2,13 GHz (up to 2,93 GHz), 266-566 MHz, $ 332;
* Core i7-620LM, 2,00 GHz (up to 2,80 GHz), 266-566 MHz, $ 300;
* Core i7-640UM, 1,20 GHz (up to 2,26 GHz), 166-500 MHz, $ 305;
* Core i7-620UM, 1,06 GHz (up to 2,13 GHz), 166-500 MHz, $ 278;
* Core i7-520UM, 1,06 GHz (up to 1,86 GHz), 166-500 MHz, $ 241;

List of desktop processors with two cores, capable of performing four threads:

* Core i5-670, 3.46 GHz (up to 3,73 GHz), 733 MHz, $ 284;
* Core i5-661, 3.33 GHz (up to 3,60 GHz), 900 MHz, $ 196;
* Core i5-660, 3.33 GHz (up to 3,60 GHz), 733 MHz, $ 196;
* Core i5-560, 3.20 GHz (up to 3,46 GHz), 733 MHz, $ 176;
* Core i3-540, 3.06 GHz (Turbo Boost is not supported), 733 MHz, $ 133;
* Core i3-530, 2.93 GHz (Turbo Boost is not supported), 733 MHz, $ 113;

With respect to wireless products, they are now united under the brand Intel Centrino. Among them - three new adapter that supports 802.11n multi-stream coupled with dual-band provides significantly higher speed than previous models.

The list of processors with two cores, capable of performing four threads, for embedded systems:

* Core i7-620M, 2,66 GHz (up to 3,33 GHz), TDP 35 watts, $ 332;
* Core i7-610E, 2,53 GHz (up to 3,20 GHz), ECC, 35 W, $ 332;
* Core i7-610LE, 2,00 GHz (up to 2,80 GHz), ECC, 25 W, $ 300;
* Core i7-610UE, 1,06 GHz (up to 2,13 GHz), ECC, 18 W, $ 278;
* Core i5-520M, 2,40 GHz (up to 2,93 GHz), 35 watts, $ 225;
* Core i5-520E, 2,40 GHz (up to 2,93 GHz), ECC, 35 W, $ 225,
* Core i5-660, 3.33 GHz (up to 3,60 GHz), ECC, 73 W, $ 196;
* Core i3-540, 3.06 GHz (Turbo Boost is not supported), ECC, 73 W, $ 133;

The list of processors with four cores for embedded systems include two models. The first of them is capable of performing eight streams of commands, the second - four:

* Core i7-860, 2.80 GHz (up to 3,46 GHz), 95 watts, $ 284;
* Core i5-750, 2.66 GHz (up to 3,20 GHz), 95 watts, $ 196;

Bottom of the list of novelties products for the workstation: quad-core Intel Xeon processor 3400 with the integrated graphics core (the first of them is capable of performing eight streams of commands, the second - four), Intel 3450:

* Xeon X3450, 2,66 GHz (up to 3,20 GHz), ECC, 95 watts, $ 241;
* Xeon X3430, 2,40 GHz (up to 2,80 GHz), ECC, 95 watts, $ 241;