Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Microsoft has developed 5 unusual mouse manipulators

This month, Microsoft has released its thinnest keyboard, and also showed a tablet with Microsoft Courier two displays, but in this work with peripheral devices is far from complete.

Cap Mouse

Research division of Microsoft (Microsoft Research) is developing interesting products - mouse manipulators are seriously different from those already become familiar to us today devices.

Side Mouse

Feature of these products, which obtained a photo source, is the ability to recognize multiple touches on the user that will use the new features in the management of PCs using these mice.

Arty Mouse

Each of the five new prototypes uses its own method of detection. In addition, the forms of "rodents" are optimized so that and due to this increase comfort of the user.

Orb Mouse

The most "crazy" (probably unusual and original) source model considers Arty and Side Mouse. The first has two tabs, like the familiar mouse has two buttons and three optical sensor to track movement of the hand, thumb and index finger, the second - completely devoid of any buttons, but instead can recognize through proximity sensor several objects (fingers in this case ) in front of his body on the surface of the table.


In our view the remaining FTIR (Frustrated Total Internal Reflection, c camera inside), Orb Mouse (with the IR camera detects touches on the entire spherical surface) and Cap Mouse (respectively, having a matrix of electrodes - capacitive sensors, where the approximation of the object of any material to the active surface leads to changes in the capacity of the condenser, generator parameters and ultimately to the switching of switching element) not less than original.

For a preliminary assessment of the potential of each of the models you can view the video.