Thursday, October 1, 2009

For Processors Gulftown Intel changed the layout of regular cooling system

The exhibition, held in the IDF in 2009 could see the cooling system, developed by specialists for the six-core Intel processor Gulftown.

As can be seen on the first picture with schematic depiction of the cooler, which made our correspondent at IDF 2009, the novelty has significant structural differences from the stock cooler other processors Intel. Retrieved published pictures of the products that complement this impression.

Radiators installed on all modern processors, Intel, have a vertical orientation of the plates and top position of the fan. In this case, the layout changed: fins are arranged horizontally, and the fan is located on one of the sides of the structure. The ribs are attached to the four heat pipes. Horizontal airflow to improve heat dissipation.

The fan is protected by a decorative grate.

Changed and fastening. Instead of latching (push-pin), is proposed to use a more reliable fitting.