Monday, August 17, 2009

Named date Intel Calpella platform, and the price CPU: Core i7-920XM would cost more than $ 1000

We already wrote that Intel plans to release a new mobile platform Calpella. Today it is known the precise date - according to the source, the issue was appointed on 23 September.

The basis for the Calpella platform will be Quad processor Clarksfield, which is sold under the brand name Core i7. A set of system logic Ibex Peak-M will be the commercial name Intel PM55.

Will be presented to the three mobile processor Intel Core i7: Core i7-720QM (1,60 GHz), Core i7-820QM (1,73 GHz) and Core i7-920XM (2,0 GHz). Their common feature will be the availability of each core 256 KB cache memory of the second level. Models of the two series will be senior to 8 MB of cache memory of the third level, the model 700 series, it will be equal to 6 MB.

Taking a performance improvement over existing mobile processors, Intel Core i7 720QM evaluated at $ 364, 820QM - at $ 546 and 920XM - at $ 1054, the source.