Thursday, August 13, 2009

AMD has released two processor with 18 W TDP

Company AMD has announced availability of two dual-processor with 18 W TDP, with appearance ASB1 BGA. Models AMD Turion Neo X2 L625 and AMD Athlon Neo X2 Model L325 in compact packages, optimal for use in embedded systems that provide performance, typical of the PC, with very little energy.

According to the company, new items will be used as in the traditional for this type of processing applications, such as Single computers and thin clients, in more modern devices: electronic kiosks, retail outlets, informing systems. The use of shell-type BGA allows processors to reduce the height and increases their resistance to mechanical shocks.

The above processing can be used in conjunction with a set of system logic AMD 780E and M690E. Like other products for embedded systems, new models of processors are subject to a special program for AMD, which guarantees their availability for five years.