Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Known specification Sony Reader PRS-300 and PRS-600

Online Shop J & R has become a source of complete specifications and pricing on Sony devices for reading e-book PRS-300 PRS-600. Information, as is usually the case, was accidentally published, and soon removed, but to preserve and transmit to the masses thanks to succeed to the same Google, quickly cached web pages.

Sony PRS300-RC Reader Pocket Edition - a compact device, equipped with 5" Vizplex-screen (800 x 600 pixels, 8 gradations of gray) and 512 MB of memory. The screen is made with the use of E-Ink, which provides a good read even in bright sunny day.

This model is completed with an intuitive software eBook Library, which allows to download e-books, manage their collections. This program works with both PC and Mac-systems.

Sony PRS300-RC can develop from a single battery charge for up to two weeks, which means an opportunity to read about 7.5 thousand of pages of electronic books. On the availability of Wi-Fi said nothing, aware only of the availability of USB 2.0 ports

Supported file formats such: EPUB (Non DRM / Adobe DRM), BBeB Book (Non DRM / PRS DRM), PDF (Non DRM / Adobe DRM) DRM Text: Text, RTF, Word.

Cost model Sony PRS300-RC to make 199 dollars, the exact period of market entry is not specified.

Version Sony PRS300-RC is different from the Sony PRS300-RC price - is worth 299 dollars for the additional $ 100, which would have to pay in the selection of this model user has at its disposal a larger screen - Diagonal 6", built-in dictionary Oxford American English eDictionary . Like the Sony PRS300-RC, this model allows you to change the font size to one of five available.

Another difference is the list of supported files. In addition to text files, this device can work with images in the formats JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and can also play music in MP3 and AAC.

Source: http://www.sonyinsider.com/