Saturday, July 4, 2009

Acoustic system Altec Lansing Expressionist PLUS FX3021 - trio frustum

Directory of Altec Lansing added a new product series of Expressionist. Novelty is a speaker system of the two columns wide and superlow-frequency radiator. The product has received the designation of Expressionist PLUS FX3021.

A common feature of all three external components of the acoustic system is a form - as shown in the picture, subwoofer and satellites are a frustum black. As more of them are 135-millimeter dynamic head capacity of 20 Watts (RMS), capable of reproducing low-frequency oscillations in the range, limited from below the value of 50 Hz. Two more compact cones, chrome-plated trays set on a slope (angle adjustable), have 50-millimeter speakers power to 4 Watts (RMS) each.

Sales Expressionist PLUS FX3021 should start before the end of the month. The manufacturer estimated the loud-voiced trio frustum of $ 99.95.