Friday, July 3, 2009

Digital Rosetta Stone - the memory that can store data up to 1000 years?

The issue of long-term storage is still an open question. Major media and drives are durable only in the perspective of the next update due to obsolescence of hardware and the desire to have a more productive system, whether a home PC or a supercomputer.

Thus, the magnetic media in theory should keep information about 40 years, but in practice, even this period still plainly not tested because of the wide spread of these devices with the 80 he. the last century.

With respect to the optical disk, their term of service, accurate, reliable data storage, estimated 30-100 years, and then, with proper storage (without contact with oxygen).

For truly long-term storage of information, say, at least 100 years guaranteed, require different solutions. And it seems, the Japanese researchers are ready to offer his vision of solving the problem.

They have developed a memory, called the Digital Rosetta Stone (DRS), which is a 4 layer 15 "plates, each of which contains a« special memory chip ». The plates are sealed insulator SiO2 and SiN, which prevents contact with oxygen and water. Humedad in a package does not exceed about 2%, which is one of the key moments of the reliability and durability.

In sum, these four 45-nm CMOS-plate will be able to store up to 2.5 Tbit data. To appeal to the memory to read or write, the researchers applied the technology of direct electron recording. Mask ROM integrated in the chip, provides inductive coupling for contactless exchange.

To verify the technology was created with the use of a prototype 180-MK CMOS sizes 5 x 5 mm. Reader located at a distance of 0.2 mm, and for the exchange of data there were 4 channels. Received when it reached a speed of 150 Mbit / s, and spent energy - 56 megawatts.

The researchers hope that their development will help preserve and protect the most important and valuable data in digital form. In the future, perhaps, the use of technology will find not only in business but also in consumer storage devices.