Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MSI announces first superthin notebook platform Intel CULV

As expected, the company MSI has published plans for the release of new models of notebooks series X-Slim. Model X-Slim X400, equipped with 14-inch screen, and model X-Slim X600 15-inch screen will be issued in the current quarter.

According to the manufacturer, in its categories of X-Slim X600 (upper picture) and X400 (bottom picture) are characterized by record-low birth weight and thickness. Notebook X-Slim X400 weighs 1.5 kg and the X-Slim X600 - 2,1 kg. The thickness of the notebook does not exceed 25 mm. Both computers are equipped with wide display (16:9 aspect ratio) with LED backlight. In the computer equipment includes the usual means of input-output. In the configuration model X600 is a discrete graphics card.

MSI will offer Optional battery for X400 laptops and X340, have already shown at the exhibition CeBIT 2009, and battery for X600. Ultra mobile PCs X-Slim does not have built-optical drives, but they can be staffed with external drives.

Source: http://www.msi.com.tw/