Friday, June 12, 2009

ASUS S121 - the world's first notebook with 512-GB SSD drive is delayed

As we have previously reported range notebook Series ASUS Eee PC, should be added to luxurious model, in which the title character is S - S121, a «disk» a subsystem will be the most capacious - in this notebook planned to establish 512-GB SSD.

Notebook S121 screen 12.1" should appear on sale in early May. Details were known very little - this mobile PCs, much of the inherited model of Eee PC S101, but it is more productive, better version.

According to the source, model S121 is equipped with a processor Atom Z520, 1 GB of RAM and a 160-GB hard drive, a 512-GB SSD is not mentioned in the TTH notebook. Notebook Weight - 1.45 kg. Will be pre-OS Windows XP Home. Time autonomous work - 8.2 hours

The price of this notebook to have ~ 899 dollars, but it must appear in the second half of this month.


AMD was able to press Intel processors on the market for PC

Manufacturers of microprocessors for PCs sold surplus stocks of its products that have accumulated due to a slowdown in the economy, the source, referring to the report of analysts of Mercury Research. Reduction of stocks, in turn, creates a «positive growth potential» for the next three or even six months. This view is somewhat different from the position of expert IDC, claiming that sales of microprocessors will decline during the first half.

The first quarter was marked by a reduction of sales of processors for 8.3% compared with the final quarter of last year. This figure is only slightly worse than the average seasonal decline at 7.4%. Interestingly, reducing demand noticeable impact on the processors for notebooks than the processors for desktops and servers.

According to analysts of Mercury Research, AMD was able to take advantage of the situation and select the quarter of almost 4% of the market with its powerful rival, Intel. The share of AMD at the end of the quarter accounted for 20.9% of total sales of microprocessors for PCs in the world, whereas in the previous quarter, this proportion was 17%. The percentage of Intel in the first months of this year, the period decreased from 82.1% to 78.2%. However, experts specify that the results of the quarter may not reflect the real situation, since, as mentioned above, in the course of stocks went up.