Thursday, April 16, 2009

HP produces a quartet of large multimedia monitors

Monitors with a 16:9 ratio is better suited for viewing videos and TV shows in high definition, less than their large cousins. Therefore, with the growing popularity of submissions in the format with the number of rows equal to 720 and 1080, growing consumer interest in the relevant models of monitors. Manufacturers do not hesitate with the answer: only in the last few months, was presented a lot of monitors with 16:9 ratio. Suffice it to recall the model of BenQ M2400HD, ViewSonic VX2260wm, VX2233wm and VA2213wm, Dell SP2309, Samsung 2333SW, 2233SW, 2033SW, 933SN and 633NW, Acer P244Wbmii, H223HQbmid and H243Hbmid, AOC F19serii VH.

Contributed to the increased availability of monitors 16:9 made the company HP, a very attractive appearance model w1858 (diagonal screen - 18.5 inches, the upper photograph), 2009m (20 inches, the second shot), 2159m (21,5 inches, the third picture) and the w2338h (23 inches, bottom picture).

These devices are HP contrast 1000:1, brightness of 300 cd/m², and response time of 5 ms.

All screens are equipped with stereo speakers power of 2 W per channel.

Permission w1858 is 1366 x 768 pixels, and the price - $ 170 (here and below the price given for the U.S. market). Model 2009m worth $ 200 and a resolution of the display is equal to 1600 x 900 pixels. Both monitors have only DVI connectors, and D-Sub.

The remaining two models have the same resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which gives them an opportunity to support the format of 1080p. Over 2159m of connectors D-Sub, DVI and HDMI buyer will have to lay out $ 240, and w2338h, with connectors D-Sub and HDMI 1.3, valued at $ 300.


AMD is expanding the market share of desktop CPU, and the term refers to debut a new desktop platform for entry-level

According to the source, AMD reported their Taiwanese counterparts term exit Pisces - the new desktop platform for entry-level. As is known, previously out of this platform, which includes 45-nanometer processors Athlon II (Propus, Rana and Regor) and 55-nanometer range of the system logic 780G + with integrated graphics ATI Radeon HD 4200, expected in the current quarter. The new date is as follows: «prior to September of this year».

In April, 780G + chipset will be released at the final stage of testing, so that the system board it can be seen as early as June, at Computex Taipei 2009, Taiwan industry sources believe.

With respect to AMD, the company refused to comment, citing the usual practice not to discuss has not yet announced products.

Interestingly, according to available information, the demand for desktop CPUs AMD, including the model series Phenom II X3 700 and Phenom II X4 920 is constantly growing, thanks to attractive prices. This allows manufacturers of motherboards to predict the increase in the share market of processors for desktop systems, owned by AMD, and 30% for the second quarter of this year.