Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wacom introduced a new generation of graphics tablets

Company Wacom introduced a new generation of professional graphics tablets Intuos4, based on the most modern technologies of pen input.

The patented sensor tip pen Intuos4 Grip Pen allows user to start work with almost zero pressure force (1 gram). Now you can write, draw and perform design work very light clicks on the surface plane that simulates the same sense of speed and appearance of a result as when using traditional tools and materials.

Perot's new Intuos4 recognize the 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, which contributes to the achievement of better results in software applications that support pressure sensitivity. Perot Intuos4 Grip Pen is equipped with a pressure sensitive eraser and two programmable buttons to assign commands such as, for example, double-click or click the right mouse button.

The buttons on the bilateral (mirror-symmetric) floor, a programmable hot keys and modifiers, optimally located for any user (for left-handers and for right). Keys ExpressKeys conveniently located on one side tablet for quick access to the broken arm.

Intuos4 used in organic light-emitting diodes - a handy tool, reminding the user to the current value assigned to each key ExpressKey.

Another innovation in Intuos4 - individually customizable user Ring Touch Ring, which allows to control up to four functions in each application (scrolling, resizing images and the brush, turn the canvas and the choice of the layer).

Holders Intuos4 have the choice of software products to fit your needs from such industry leaders as Adobe, Autodesk and Corel.

Supply of new line of tablets Intuos4 to the Russian market is expected in the first half of April. Tablet will be available in four different versions, fully satisfying the varied needs of users in various fields of creativity.

Expected retail price of new products: small (Intuos4 S) - 10824 rubles, medium (Intuos4 M) - 18744 rubles, large (Intuos4 L) - 25047 rubles, and extra large (Intuos4 XL) - 39567 rubles.