Thursday, February 19, 2009

The race for the title of the smallest keypad continues

The product under the name Mini Bluetooth Keyboard (code UKEYB002100), appearing in the online shop Brando, entered into competition for the title of most miniature keyboards.

Size (140 x 70 x 12 mm) Mini Bluetooth Keyboard is not only smaller than standard keyboards, but keyboards Wireless Illuminated Super Tiny (170 x 81 x 15 mm) and Super Tiny (170 x 73 x 15 mm).

The compact size allows the keyboard to take with them, literally, everywhere. To a computer peripheral device is connected through the interface Bluetooth V2.0. The keyboard has 83 keys and power switch on the rear. Weight miniature input device is 66 g. It feeds Mini Bluetooth Keyboard from the two size AAA. Claimed range of 15 m.

The cost of the keyboard, this source is $ 39.