Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hynix will begin release of DDR3 1 Gbit density standards for the 40 nm in the third quarter

Company Hynix Semiconductor announced the development of memory chips DRAM DDR3 density of 1 Gbit, calculated on the production of 40 nm standards.

The maximum speed of data exchange provided by the new chips is equal to 2133 Mbps. Chips functional in a wide range of voltage. Serial production of products will begin in the third quarter of 2009, the company promises.

Compared with similar products manufactured by the rules of 50 nm, the overall memory performance has improved by more than 50%. Such a result is obtained on only through the reduction of the structures in the transition to a more subtle rules - the company applied the three-dimensional transistors, which differ reduced current leakage and low power consumption.

Hynix expects to use the memory manufactured on 40 nm standards, in memory DDR3. In addition, the company plans to apply new technology for the production of memory for mobile devices and graphics accelerators.

Source: DigiTimes.com

Thermaltake produces stylish cases for the HDD in a series of Vi-ON

Thermaltake company said last week's launch of a new series of containers for external hard drives, Vi-ON. It includes devices that are designed for the installation of 2.5 and 3.5" HDD interface SATA.

2.5-inch model has dimensions of 135 x 188 x 25 mm, weighs 120 grams and offers its users to install the drive without tools.

The larger model is interesting for its detachable base with anti-system and cooling system Active SMART Cooling adjustable depending on the temperature of the fan. Here, size is 255 x 70 x 205 mm, weight - 480 grams.

Connecting to a PC is carried out via USB or the USB and eSATA, depending on the modification.

Source: Thermaltake.com