Sunday, January 25, 2009

Falling prices and new Intel processor - in the updated price-list of the company

The next update Pricelist Intel has been very significant. Many details about it, we knew in advance, in particular details about the release of the new budget processors and lower prices on existing models available in the line.

In this part of excuses fully realized, the details can be found in our earlier submissions.

In addition, Intel has released to the market three new models with quad-65 W TDP. They are noticeably more expensive than their counterparts whose thermal package limited to 95W:

ProcessorSpeedL2 cacheFSBPrice on
Core 2 Quad Q9550s2.83GHz12 MB1333 MHz$369
Core 2 Quad Q9400s2.66GHz6 MB1333 MHz$320
Core 2 Quad Q8200s2.33GHz4 MB1333 MHz$245

Finally, significantly more accessible have become commonplace for Core 2 Quad. Reducing the price ranged from 16% to 40%.

ProcessorSpeedL2 cachePrice on
Price on
Core 2 Quad Q96502.83GHz12 MB$530$316
Core 2 Quad Q95502.66GHz12 MB$316$266
Core 2 Quad Q94002.33GHz6 MB$266$213
Core 2 Quad Q83502.83GHz4 MB$224$183
Core 2 Quad Q82002.66GHz4 MB$193$163

Server analogues Core 2 Quad, Xeon X3000 series has fallen in price, same as its desktop counterparts, and that it is not surprising, considering the parameters of processors.

Note also significant (18% -48%) reduction in the price of family Celeron Mobile).

Source: Intel

Apacer represents three-memory kits for Core i7

The company Apacer represents a new three-set of memory, which are designed to work with processors Intel Core i7. The product is tested and meets the high requirements of the test "Apacer Environment test".

Innovation is presented in two different categories: three-set series of memory Standard, designed for everyday use computer and three-sets memory of Golden series, designed for gaming computers. Both categories will be offered in two versions: a capacity of 3 GB (1 GB x 3) and 6 GB (2 GB x 3)

Using three-channel Apacer memory based on Intel Core i7 processor ensures stability and high throughput of a PC, according to the manufacturer, but also meets the general requirements of high performance and a large amount of memory for gaming applications.

Source: Apacer

Termopaste Scythe Thermal Elixer - a simple way to slightly improve the cooling of CPU or GPU

Improve the existing cooling system without having to replace it allows a new product from the range of Japanese companies Scythe. This is a termopaste, called the Thermal Elixer.

The paste is packed in a syringe, making it easier for its application. In addition, according to the manufacturer, the consistency of paste picked up in such a way as to ensure the application of a very thin layer. In turn, the reduction of the layer of paste helps to improve heat transfer between the surface of CPU or GPU and heat-conducting path or radiator.

According to Scythe, at 180 W TDP new paste on the effectiveness of 5%, which is part of the standard set cooler company. Thus, the use of Thermal Elixer allows some increase efficiency of any cooler for Scythe CPU or GPU.

Price Scythe Thermal Elixer of 6.5 euros for a package containing 3.5 grams of paste.

Source: Scythe