Wednesday, January 14, 2009

USB TV-tuner makes the Dell Inspiron Mini notebook in digital TVs

Making notebook Inspiron Mini into a portable TV capable of broadcasting in digital format, including high definition, allowing new, provided by Dell.

Miniature digital TV-tuner is connected to the port USB. The design includes a tuner sliding antenna designed for the reception of broadcasting. During the quarter Dell will begin deliveries of modifications to the various regions, supporting the local standards of broadcasting. In particular, we are talking about receivers for Europe (DVB-T), the North American continent (ATSC), the Asia-Pacific region (ISDB-T 1-seg) and China (CMMB).

Price tuner is about $ 50. Your USB Digital TV Tuner will include drivers for Ubuntu Linux (8.04), Windows XP and Windows Vista Basic. The development of the device was attended by the company Siano Mobile Silicon and Hauppauge Computer Works.

Source: Dell

NVIDIA officially presented the technology of 3D Vision

NVIDIA Corporation used the CES show as an opportunity to provide technology stereo 3D Vision.

Hardware system is a combination of the accelerator GeForce, Stereo glasses wireless, infrared transceiver interface with USB, and software. The source images NVIDIA recommends using the new displays Samsung and ViewSonic, operating at a frequency of 120 Hz update the display, as well as Mitsubishi projection TVs and projectors DepthQ HD 3D. High frequency of updating the display to provide flicker-free image, free from defects.

NVIDIA said that more than twice the high-resolution and high angles of the review of the product than the passive stereo glasses. The radius of action is up to 6 meters.

One charge enough points to 40 hours of autonomous operation.

The software allows for a three-dimensional image in more than 300 modern games, and view photos and video from stereo effect.

NVIDIA 3D Vision sets already on sale in America. There, the recommended price is $ 199 per set.

Source: NVIDIA