Sunday, January 4, 2009

AOpen released i945GCt-DN, motherboard with integrated processor Atom 330

The board form-factor mini-ITX (170 x 170 mm) with built Atom is in the range of nearly every major manufacturer, but few have time to present their solutions, which used dual-core Atom 330.

It belongs to the class once again by new AOpen i945GCt-DN.

The motherboard is using a set of system logic Intel 945GC + ICH7, has one memory slot for DDR2, interface PCI Express x1 to install the expansion.

The means provided by the embedded graphics chipset core of Intel GMA 950, audio codec Realtek ALC662, output VGA, 100-megabitny network controller, four USB ports and the same SATAII.

Motherboard comes with an external 90-W power adapter. AOpen also proposes to acquire the appropriate building form factor. Prices have not yet been identified.

Source: AOpen

Hynix pays NAND-business company ProMOS

Hynix Semiconductor, according to the source, intended to transfer its technology and experience in the production of flash memory type NAND company ProMOS Technologies.

This Korean company aims to bring together with two of its business partners with whom Hynix develops and produces DRAM-memory (now the 50-nm chips), to strengthen its position in this market to counter received strong government support Taiwan's manufacturers with the same island.

At the same time, unnamed source market analysts said that Hynix be retained ProMOS to conclude partnership agreements with other DRAM-producers. Perhaps, given a five-year cooperation between the two companies, it is able to do and a small coalition against Taiwanese vendors. In addition, in May signed a new agreement concerning the production of 50-nm memory, Hynix also recently acquired 8% stake in ProMOS.

Source: DigiTimes

Monitor LG W2486L bring dynamic contrast up to a million to one

The exhibition CES 2009, which will take place early next year in Las Vegas, the company LG Electronics has produced, among other new monitor W2486L.

LED lights, used in it is not very rare in modern times, however, it provides a new series of unique indicators. For example, states that the power of the 24 "display twice less than that of similar-sized competitor products. The thickness W2486L is only 20 mm.

With the modest size and power will monitor the level of dynamic contrast in 1000000:1, which is higher than that of any model of LCD, on the market, at least, on the order. Response time matrix is also not failed - it is 2 ms.

Thus, W2486L looks very attractive. Let us hope that soon enough he will get from the stands in the test lab, and then on the shelves of shops.

Source: etnews

Superthin laptop Dell Adamo draws attention to design, features and tools Google

Recently the company Dell briefly posted some information about its new notebook - Adamo Thirteen, which, like the popular Macbook Air, has attracted the attention of design.

Dell posted on the website information will be available soon, it soon disappeared, and enthusiasts, as always in such cases, ask for assistance from Google, which manages cache so popular materials.

The emergence of fragmentary information has urged forward interest in news, compared with the Macbook Air. As the product Apple, Dell is the new thin notebook. The company seems to have found a way to reduce the thickness of the cover, which is the screen. The latter, the entire thickness of 3.5 mm, will be made to order from Samsung.

It has been reported Adamo Thirteen will be equipped with 13 "screen and complete with 45-W BP, which suggests that the computer will be 45-nm processors Core 2 Duo, rather than low-voltage CPU.

It will be 8-speed drive Blu-ray/DVD-RW with slot loading, which has a SATA interface and the speed record 2. On the big screen to connect the mobile PC can be via DisplayPort. The list of enhancements included adapters Displayport-to-VGA, Displayport-to-HDMI and Displayport-to-DVI.

According to TGDaily own notebook drives will be equipped with SSD, the capacity of 100-128 GB. As an option will be available for more capacious (160-256 GB) products from Intel and Samsung respectively.

In addition to SSD in Adamo Thirteen - HDD size 2,5, capacity will be within the range of 250-500 GB and 8 GB USB-key.

Clarify all features of the configuration will be available at the other day - during the exhibition show CES-2009. According to DigiTimes, Adamo Thirteen cost would be $ 3000 (basic version price starts from $ 1500), which again makes it clear that the mobile PC, as a slightly cheaper product will be a competitor for Apple. The emergence of new items on the market is expected in February next year.

Source: Dell, Google, DigiTimes, TGDaily and Engadget