Friday, October 16, 2009

Seagate BlackArmor NAS 110 - a compact model of network attached storage

Seagate has expanded line of networked storage for use in the network a small office or home network. The new model BlackArmor NAS 110 is half the previously presented model as 210 NAS in size and volume. The thickness of the device is only 61 mm.

Connecting to a LAN implemented on technology Ethernet. With two USB ports you can expand storage capacity, for a general access to a printer or connect an uninterruptible power supply. By simply pressing a button on the front panel, you can copy data from your digital camera or flash drive.

Software SafetyDrill +, preinstalled on BlackArmor NAS 110 allows partial or full backup system in automatic mode. This makes it possible subsequently to restore the normal operation of the system with hardware failure, virus attack and other woes. An additional level of protection provides 256-bit encryption AES.

Support DLNA standard allows to organize the broadcasting or common access to various media content and documents to other DLNA-compatible devices. Storage management is carried out by remote access via an intuitive web-interface.

Novelty is already available for sale in modifications of the volume 1 and 2 TB. Recommended producer price is $ 230 and $ 350 respectively.