Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hynix has reduced the power consumption of DDR3 memory chips by 30%

On the early release of DDR3 memory chip density 1 Gbit second generation of the company said Hynix Semiconductor. The new memory is made of 54-nanometer technology.

The new devices are designed for standard supply voltage of 1.5 V. However, their energy consumption by 30% less than the first generation chips. It is important that the reduction of energy consumption without affecting performance indicators: according to the company, new products are among the fastest memory chip density 1-gigabit components is the basis of supply. According to analyst firm iSuppli, in the density of 1 Gbit chips accounted for 87% of the total supply of memory DDR3. Only in 2011 they gave primacy to the higher density chips.

The mass production of the new memory began this month. Available two ways products: a four-digit (H5TQ1G43TFR) and eight-bit (H5TQ1G83TFR) logical organization.