Monday, September 7, 2009

Evercool offers a compact and lightweight notebook cooler

Taiwan specialist in the field of cooling systems this week delighted his next creation. Model FIT NB-FT1 company Evercool Thermal called the most lightweight and compact in the world cooler, designed to divert excess heat from the laptop case.

With the approval of the manufacturer's hard not to agree: size cooler describes the expression of 55 x 85,3 x 25 mm and its weight is just 60,5 g.

The compact unit, which is docked to a mobile computer is a fan. His impeller rotates at a speed of 3500 rpm, pulls hot air from the notebook, improving the cooling of the components located inside. Meals fan comes on the bus USB.

According to the company, FIT can be used with a wide range of mobile computers with screens measuring 9-18 inches. Mobile support and additional plastic overlay can combine a cooler with laptops that have different size and shape of the shell.

Data on the price and sale period until the manufacturer does not.