Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Power Supply Topower Tiger 1200 Watt power feeds a voracious PC

For systems presenting particularly high demands on the capacity of power supply specialists Topower Taiwanese companies have developed a power output of 1200 W Tiger.

The block in the body with a polished finish titanium is equipped with a modular cable system. He is able to provide electricity to components of high-performance gaming PC with a graphics subsystem of a multiprocessor, as evidenced by a certificate NVIDIA SLI. The efficiency of the unit exceeds 80%. The set includes a shielded cable.

The components of the power supply Tiger 1200W cools a 120-mm fan. To reduce the noise of the rotor speed is regulated using a temperature sensor - in this way, traffic and noise increases only when necessary. Output connectors are connected to six tires voltage of 12 V (20 A), which are to improve the stability can be combined into one by means of a switch.

The price of some new items is $ 200.

Last year range Topower added another power supply, suitable for systems with four GPU: Silent Green TOP-850SG.